European Tour Recap Part 1 - Switzerland, France, and Germany

Hey all,
Europe was amazing!  We were truly in awe in how much support we received in Europe both with people attending shows, buying all our CDs and a good deal of T-Shirts, setting up shows, housing us when we didn't have shows.  The tour consisted of 8 shows, including 2 festival dates, across Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium..all during World Cup Soccer which is like a super bowl every day in viewership.   We originally had about 11 shows lined up but we did have some shows cancel out on us due to the World Cup as people preferred to getting drunk and running nude in the streets during the matches...Ok I made that up about running around nude.  Anyway,  We just wanted to thank all of the people who helped us out along the way on our tour.  Since my memory is mediocre at best I am going to try and write this in two part......check it out:

Big thanks to Vincent D and Thomas L for having us play 3 sets at Blues Rules Festival...we actually had 2 sets but we also had an opportunity to back up our good friend Kent Burnside, which was a total treat as it is real fun to not know his set list and just find the beat and wing it.  Really Fun.  Blues Rules is also one of the finest run festivals we have ever played at as they treat the artists like gold.  Also a big thanks to Vincent's family, Anya, the stage crew who were amazing, food services staff, and Nicolas Miliani who we finally got to meet after years of communication online, and all of the attendees of the festival.  Thanks also go out to our friends Leo Bud Welch and his main man Vincent, Thomas Schoeffler Jr (Jay's cousin as we would joke), The Backyard Devils, Wes Mackey, Eric Bibb, Swamp Train, and all the artists that played the event.  Wish we could play Blues Rules every year!!!...also, thank you Vincent for taking us to the festival in Marnaz France the night before Blues Rules!!

France is beautiful and old (and we thought Boston was old, geez we were only off by about 800 years).  Thanks to Greg I  at La Chaouee in Metz for the Tuesday night show and for Charles "Chicken" Diamond for help setting the show up - it was a pleasure to finally meet you!!  Also, we can't remember your name but thanks to guy who we drank with before the show as we discussed the differences between America, France, and Europe...really interesting and fun conversation!! Great show too as this very small cave like music room had a good amount of people in there, especially for a Tuesday night   Wednesday we went to Paris....holy shit...beautiful shit but man I thought NY was crowded, and all people on bikes and scooters are crazy!! God Bless Ya!  Thanks again to Vincent and his family for meeting us at Parisian cafe in their neighborhood...that was a great time to kick back and well...have a few beverages!!   Thursday, Strasbourg at The Mudd! now this crowd reminded me of the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne crowd as they are right on top of you..yelling and screaming..we love that!!  Maybe one of the best venues we have ever played as far as crowd participation.  Thank you to Benoit and everybody at VDK Asso and Mudd Club for putting on the show and thanks for "The Mumblin' Caveman" for a great opening set.

Germany will be forever know to us for being the home of the "In your face house concert at Grandma's Place".  Thank you to Mark and Andrea for let us soil your Grandmother's living room with a house party, and thanks to Christian Steidl (who is hosting Deep Blues Festival in Germany in August) for setting it up and supplying the meats and beverages.  This was a great day all around as Mark, Andrea, and Christian fed us every kind of bratwurst know to man, and tried to convince their beers are the best in the world.  See that's a great day in itself already but then we get to play a two set house party!   Now in America the house concert is typically set up like everyone sits down around the perimeter of the room and listens, keeps to themselves, and then when the music is over people mill about talking to one another about events of the day...almost like a wine and cheese party.  THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS HERE IN GERMANY.  People are standing in front of you, yelling and screaming, rolling around on the ground, beer flowing all over the place, and then after the sets people buy a shit ton of CDs and T-Shirts.  Holy Shit why can't we do it like this in America!!!  Also thanks to Andy and Agnes as they were great to hang around with.  We were pretty in awe when Andy told us that we were the first band he discovered on this "scene" we are in and it was like a gateway drug for him as he wanted more and more and more.  He is the type a person us musicians love as he goes and researches other bands, gets all their albums...the only thing more amazing was when he told us his dream was to some day come to America and get arrested by a real American police officer, you know, with the Ray Ban glasses, handcuffs, shirt mounted walkie talkie....the whole nine yards.  We were amazed listening to this...actually we were dumbfounded having already experienced such things, but to each their own.  

After this show in Germany we headed to the Netherlands to meet Ozzy Van Der Loo (as he is known on facebook) as he set up some shows in the Netherlands and housed us for days when we didn't have a show.  Basically, he saved our ass on this tour and we are eternally part 2 of our European Tour we talked about our time in the Netherlands, Belgium, Muddy Roots Festival, and whatever I forgot from part 1 above.

My apologies on any errors above, my proofreader and editor quit,and I am too lazy to do it.

- Jim


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  • James Mullaney

    James Mullaney Worcester, MA.

    I love you guys and I'm glad to hear that they love you across the pond as well.

    I love you guys and I'm glad to hear that they love you across the pond as well.